Work with us

We have numerous opportunities at Experia Media in the follow areas

  • Web Developer / Programmer
  • Content Writers
  • Graphic Designer / Visualiser

We also have ongoing internship opportunities in various streams. If you are a fresher or a graduating student, please feel free to apply below

  • Where are you currently based ?
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx.
  • Please provide a brief overview of why you might be interested in joining Experia Media

Job Perks

  • We would love to list a boat load of perks here but the fact is, we are still pretty small. What this means is that we are pretty flexible and can work towards reasonable stuff.
  • Macs: We pretty much hate Windows and most of us work on Macs (Though there are a few Windows Fans )
  • Wantapreneurship: Do you have a dormant (or active) entreprenurial streak inside you ? Have an idea but havent had the time or support to implement it. Apart from providing services to our clients, we are also developing some services/products of our own, which you will have a chance to work on.If we like your idea, we would be happy to bootstrap and help you run it.(In short, if you are techie and want to strike out on your own but are looking for a business/marketing/sales co founder along with seed funding, we could help you)
  • A nice airy office with a distinctly ‘non-cubicled’ feel to it. See pics here.
  • The usual free Green Tea / Coffee / Healthy snacks.
  • Flexible Vacation Time
  • A 5-day week (Yep, even we are amazed at the number of companies in India which have 6 day weeks)